Friday, April 11, 2008

Thing 13

Which start page did you choose? Why did that one appeal to you? Will you make it your permanent home page?

IGoogle- I did not make it my homepage, but may.

Did you find a tool that has some uses for you at the library or at home? Which tool(s) would you recommend to others?
I have used PDF converter in the past and it was quite easy to use.

How can the online calendars be useful to you?
I love online calendars- I can check my schedule from any PC.

What about the to-do lists—helpful, too much work…?
I have just started to play with Remember the Milk- it can be linked to the calendar on IGoogle so I love that.

Did you try out Backpack? What did you think?
I just looked around the site, wow lots of stuff. I did not do much, at this point I know I am not in the market to pay for any of these tools.

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