Saturday, April 12, 2008

Social Networking: Facebook/MySpace

Which groups did you join and why?Reflect on why Facebook may be the fastest growing social network. Is that reputation deserved?

Librarians and Facebook, Libraries Using Facebook Pages, and Libraries & Librarians - I was looking for something relative to my job.

Facebook is easy to use and there is a lot of fun stuff on the site too.

How are libraries using MySpace?
Did you find anything on a library's MySpace page that would be useful for your library?
If you created your own MySpace page, how do you plan to use it?

I can see an appeal for libraries to use a MySpace page to reach out to teens. The Denver Public Library's page was very COOL! I did turn the music off but I can see how young people could really enjoy interacting with the site. I did creat a MySpace page, but have not decided how I will use it, yet.

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