Thursday, April 3, 2008

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April 4, 2008

5:30 p.m. Library Meeting Room

Notes (paper and on patron records): include as much detail as possible, even if it means putting more than one comment on the patron’s record. The notes should be clear to anyone on staff who is reading the note.


  • When searching for a patron’s name in the database, if the person has multiple last names, use the keyword search. Type in each last name separately. This search will help ensure we are not issuing multiple cards.

  • When entering the home phone number, please always use “home” unless it is a college student’s registration.

Fines: It is VERY important to record paid fines on patron’s records.

Renewing: Patrons may renew without their cards. Yes, it is easier if they have their card but please do renew for them. The same is true if a patron calls in to renew. I always ask for their card number and if they don’t have it, I then ask if they have an item so they can read me the barcode. If they have neither, I will ask them to spell their last name for me and then ask for their first name. I also do mention (nicely) that it is best if we have their card number to access accounts.

DVDs in Drawer: please make sure you are putting the DVD in the drawer that are labeled as such. There seems to be several discs in the cases on the shelves, that are supposed to be in the drawer.

Over-ride screens: when checking out a patron, it is VERY important to read any over-ride screens that come up. A couple of weeks ago, two Reference books were returned in the bookdrop. When I checked them in I looked to see if there were any fines, and the patron was charged $5 per book. I waived the fines, because the patron should not have been allowed to check out these books unless someone from reference or Lynne gives them permission. If that happens, then we can adjust the due date. If a reference book gets checked-out to a patron it only goes out for 1 day and the fines are a $1 a day.

Check-In: Remember to watch the screen as you check-in to make sure the items are actually checking-in. Also, please check-in all MNLink items.

Discuss: Charge for replacement item barcodes?

Down-time? put books on carts, write names on hold slips and put books on cart in order, put videos, DVDs, BCD, Books on Tape away.

Circulation Staff Concerns

Next Circulation Staff Meeting: July

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