Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 1- February 6, 2008

Good Morning. I am Laurie Kodet, Lead Circulation Clerk at the Northfield Public Library, Northfield, MN. I am participating in a Library Learning 2.0 Program called "23 things on a stick". The first task was to create a blog. My first thoughts were when will I have time to do this and how complicated will it be. Well, I can tell you it took only a few minutes to create the blog and start blogging. It was quite simple. I am excited about continuing.

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aurora said...

Welcome to 23 Things on a Stick! I love to hear when things go more smoothly than expected! I hope the next 22 things go as smoothly and you can have a lot of fun working on this project!

If you get a chance, you can see the other SELS members' blogs here. We hope you find a chance to look around, comment, and help create a community there.